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Sitpack and Relax on This Pocketable, Pop-Out Chair-in-a-Tube

Furniture Design


Hot on a heel-plate-attachment-points of Noonee’s “Chairless Chair,” a group during Mono+Mono has launched a “Sitpack” on Kickstarter. The Copenhagen-based pattern consultancy has grown what they’re job “the world’s many compact, foldable resting device,” and they’re looking to move a pocketable monopod to marketplace around a crowdfunding campaign. Designed in gripping with a 7 concept pattern principles, a form cause looks like something done by, say, Beats, though a device itself is indeed wholly mechanical: The bin splits aside into wings (which offer as a seat), divulgence a telescoping leg that extends to adult to 85cm (33in). We know it’s that time of year, though don’t try this with your kid’s lightsaber toy:

Originally famous as “Rest”—hence a references in a video—the “Sitpack” is radically a serve reduced chronicle of unstable stay stools or those canes with a built-in tripod-stool (both of that we came opposite in a USPTO archive, after a commenter sloping me off about a original ‘wearable chair’), as they prove in a tabulated corresponding comparison on their Kickstarter page. They’re accessible for a ignored cost of kr175

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An Uber for haircuts

Consumers are always wanting products and services some-more fast and easily. The recognition of services such as Uber, and a mixed on-demand businesses it’s desirous is covenant to that. The hairdressing attention is no different, and aiming to reinstate appointment watchful lists and trips to a barber, Shortcut is an on-demand bathing use that comes to business wherever they are.

Users simply yield their name, series and e-mail residence and name a use they need — either it’s a trim, a full haircut or a shave. After engagement a time slot, a use afterwards sends a professionally lerned coiffeur or stylist to their home, bureau or hotel room. Users can book an appointment for adult to 4 people during a time, and a some-more in their group, a cheaper any haircut becomes. Price start during USD 75.

Shortcut is now accessible in New York, as an iOS app. On-demand services such as these are apropos some-more and some-more popular, and it’s easy to see how a use is profitable for those who can’t find a time to get to a hairdressers after work or during a weekends. Are there other use that could offer this kind of on-demand availability?


- intro could be something about it being tough to fit in time for a haircut, and creation an appointment can be wily since everybody wants to go during a same time, with a couple to a bureau manicures story next (oeps..)

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Draught Tap Rewards Employees With Free Beer For Timesheets

Timesheets are no fun, though they are critical if we wish to get paid. Thankfully, Minneapolis group Colle+McVoy has figured out a approach to make them reduction unpleasant – giveaway beer! Not lustful of usually handing out cans of beers, a full-service group motionless to build a “multi-keg drink deployment system” instead. The outcome is TapServer, an motivational drink daub that combines RFID tags and custom-written program to incentivize employees.


The record used to make TapServer includes several Arduinos, a Node-based server, solenoids and a Raspberry Pi. Its program was also created to tie seamlessly with Colle+McVoy’s existent time-keeping application. As an combined feature, TapServer can also keep lane of ounces consumed per worker and drink brand.

A video for a timesheet daub claims that it’s “never been seen before,” though as pointed out by AdWeek, there have been ideas that are really identical in a past. One of that is a beer fridge that usually open when a timesheet’s been completed. That doesn’t change a fact Colle+McVoy’s thought is really cool, and a good approach to make stuffing out time sheets a some-more beguiling partial of group work.



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When Craft and Custom Meld: Welcome to a Space of Normal

With companies wanting to be increasingly flexible to fast belong to quickly changeable wants and needs of customers, most is to be gained from integrating prolongation line with sell and government staff. Tightening a bond between these traditionally apart entities allows for companies to exam product implementations during a aloft rate though putting too most during stake.


Normal is a tradition earbud association that non-stop a space a few months ago in Chelsea, New York, where a managerial staff, production- and public line are situated behind a sell space.


Nikki Kaufman, a first member and former Head of People and Culture during Quirky, is rarely responsive of a outcome a certain association enlightenment can have on a employees and on a ensuing products. She wants to concede for a enlightenment during Normal to emanate itself. Faced with a event to build something new, Kaufman has been aware of not commanding a workflow, though instead focusing on enforcing and enabling a enlightenment to occur naturally. The successive workflow relies on cross-contamination from assemblers to marketers – creation co-collaboration crucial. Kaufman welcomes this overlie and values an open and thorough enlightenment that invites everybody to share their practice and opinions. Anyone from any dialect can have an thought – high or low – and that pity is constituent to Normal innovating and improving.



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Dangerous Popsicles Explore The Beauty In User-Unfriendly Things

Designer and artist Wei Li’s latest array ‘Dangerous Popsicles‘ aims to use upsetting aesthetics in sequence to try how people conflict to user-unfriendliness. It uses pattern to serve excavate into how visuals play a partial in a clarity of taste.

Li is a connoisseur of Stanford’s M.A. in Product Design module and uses her work to try fantasies and desires with visual, abdominal and dainty language. She mostly incorporates pristine sensations to pull a bounds of people’s comfort zones.


Dangerous Popsicles is a collection of infrequently done popsicles desirous by cacti and life-threatening viruses. They emanate a singular feeling experience, as a user initial tastes with their eyes and mind before their tongue. Although a popsicles are done from a elementary and submissive mixture H2O and sugar, thoughts of lethal viruses and cactus spikes kindle a senses of those about to ambience them.


The designs of Dangerous Popsicles embody a cactus garden featuring cacti of opposite shapes and sizes, and a preference of viruses such as MRSA, influenza, duck pox, E-coli, and HIV. Li uses this array to poise a series of questions:

Have we ever licked a cactus? Probably not. But it competence be engaging to try it out, in another form. Dangerous Popsicles are a collection of uncanny done popsicles desirous by cacti and life-threatening viruses. What will occur when we

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