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Springwise: 24/7 Doggy TV Entertains Your Pet While You’re Out

Regular Springwise readers will remember Stayhound, that matches vacationing dog owners with internal pet sitters, and a Hundehiet dog ‘lockers’ for Norwegian shoppers. Now DOGTV has launched a 24/7 wire radio channel in San Diego that aims to keep pooches entertained with dilettante programming.

The association has worked with animal function researchers over a past few years in sequence to rise a content, directed privately during dogs. According to DOGTV, canines are happier when a radio is on and a channel has been tested to safeguard it captures a dog’s attention. It will be broadcasting 3 forms of programs — relaxing sections to revoke animal anxiety, sensitive sections to keep dogs entertained and segments directed during improving their behavior. The Humane Society of a United States has famous a channel and a American Society for a Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has also supposed a techniques.

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Originally published on Springwise, republished with kind permission.

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