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Face To Facebook: Hacked Profile Photos Become Facial Recognition Dating Site


Liberating personal information as Facebook’s disdainful property is a thought behind a newly launched Face to Facebook, a collaborative plan by media artist, Paola Cirio and media critic, Alessandro Ludovico. The twin spent months downloading open information from one million Facebook profiles, formulating a database of hundreds of thousands of form cinema where they were “intoxicated by a unconstrained smiles, gazes and mostly leering expressions.” The accumulation of information that invariably fed a Face to Facebook database was a outcome of a worldly face approval algorithm. The program sorted a form photos into specific amicable categories (inferred by examining facial expressions) and uploaded them to a dating website with a open URL named Lovely Faces.

Lovely Faces is formed on a probability of being face-to-face with anyone who is captivated to your facial countenance and associated data. The wish is to emanate a “free relationships” interface. Mission accomplished, given a goal with a Face to Facebook plan was to mangle Facebook’s amicable manners and stipulations by giving a stolen practical identities a new common place to demonstrate themselves freely. According to a team:

“All that people wanted was to attract new people, have some-more relationships, to demonstrate and accept adore by their digital traits. But they were trapped by Facebook owning their information and restricting their actions with obsolete privacy

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