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Wish Old Navy a Happy 20th Birthday, and It Will Make a Giant Balloon Portrait of Your Selfie

Everyone knows that if you tell people what you wish for when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, it’s not going to come true. Unless, of course, you wish that you could eat a giant piece of cake in two minutes.

Old Navy turns 20 this year, and to celebrate, it’s sharing the fun with a giant machine that takes your selfie and converts it into a giant balloon portrait. Yes, if you happen to be in Times Square on Wednesday or in Los Angeles on Saturday, and you tweet a birthday wish with the hashtag #Selfiebration, you could see your mug rendered in blue balloons. 

It might not be quite as sophisticated as the Grand Prix-winning MegaFaces Pavilion from the Sochi Olympics, but the Selfiebration Machine is a neat contraption consisting of almost five miles of wire and 1,000 balloons custom-made to withstand the city elements. It will generate two selfies per minute, and 1,000 selfies per day. 

My wish is to install this thing in my living room. 

Via Design Taxi.

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Self-Filling Water Bottle For Your Bicycle

Cycling is a good way to work up a thirst, but how do you ensure you always have some water to hand – even without a water source? The answer is Fontus, a self-filling water bottle designed by Kristof Retezar that collects the moisture contained in the air, condenses it and stores it as safe drinking water. Powered by solar cells, it can harvest up to 0.5 litres of water in an hour´s time – assuming you have the right climatic conditions.

Retezar conducted a series of experiments to try and identify the ideal conditions, materials and cooling systems for his water bottle. His high-tech laboratory also happened to be his bathroom, where he simulated different climatic conditions by modifying the air temperature and humidity.


The device works by cooling hot, humid air. It features a small cooler installed in its center called a Peltier Element. This cooler is divided in two, with each side isolated from the other. When powered by electricity, the upper side cools down and the bottom side gets hot. As air enters the bottom chamber at high-speed, it cools the hot side down. Moreover, when the air enters the upper chamber it is stopped by little walls perforated non-linearly, reducing its speed in order to give the air the needed time to lose its water molecules.


The designer explains the design process to the James Dyson Foundation:

After more than 30 experiments, I finally achieved a constant drop-flow of one drop of condensed water per minute. After developing a functioning inner system, I designed a compact and practical hull which can be easily attached to a bicycle, integrates the water bottle and can be comfortably handled.

Harvesting water from the air is a method that has been practiced for more than 2000 years in certain cultures of Asia and Central America. In his attempts to unlock roughly 13.000 km3 of freshwater trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere, Retezar aspires to help more than 2 billion people in over 40 countries where water scarcity is a real threat. In fact, water scarcity could be one of the most important resource issues to date. By 2030, 47% of the world´s population could be living in areas of high water stress.


So while Fontus might be perfect as a bicycle accessory on long tours, it’s also a clever way of acquiring freshwater in regions of the world where groundwater is scarce but air humidity is high.



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The 5 Worst Things Creatives Say And Hear


If you’ve work in an agency, for an agency as a freelancer or are on the client side, you’ve heard all these phrases before. They are unproductive, don’t help thew workflow and certainly don’t contribute to creativity.

But here’s how you can deal with the five worst things said in the advertising world and how you can turn things around and improve productivity.

Yes, it’s a white paper download but you’ll get a kick a schadenfreude-tastic out of it and the really cool graphics within. Well, that is until you realize you say these things too and then you’ll have an intimately private face palm moment and continue to say these things day in and day out.

Download this white paper now and have a laugh. And learn how to avoid these productivity-killing phrases.

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Watch the Living Room Evolve Over 100 Years

Object Culture


Sure, it’s an advertisement, but if we’re going to have goods hawked at us, this is how we’d prefer it be done. To promote their color-shifting Hue LED bulbs, Philips put together this entertaining, too-short video showing how living rooms have evolved, starting in the Boardwalk Empire days and running up until today. While we’re presumably meant to focus on the lighting fixtures, the thorough set-dressing will capture your attention:

To be nitpicky, I’d like to have seen a little more Mid-Century Modern, and was it just me or did they seem to skip both the ’70s and the ’90s altogether?


Tonight at Curiosity Club: Niko Courtelis presents 'Stamps Ate My Brain'

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