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Smart umbrella can never get lost

Items that aren’t used too often can easily get left behind by accident, but can technology stop this from happening? We’ve already written about sunglasses and suitcases that use GPS to help owners locate them when they’re lost. Now Blunt has done the same for the umbrella.

Its Blunt + Tile umbrella comes in two sizes — the XS METRO + Tile and the CLASSIC + Tile. Both are packed with a built-in Bluetooth module that helps connect the umbrella to owners’ smartphones. The app communicates with the TILE sensor and users can track their umbrellas within 50 to 100 ft. If the umbrella is out of reach, another TILE user that happens to be in the area can discretely share the umbrellas location with the original owner. If it gets lost in the house, users can prompt the umbrella to emit a tune, much like Apple’s Find My Device function. Both models are specially made to endure heavy winds and withstand stormy weather situations. Prices start at USD 69 for the XS model and USD 99 for the CLASSIC.

What other commonly misplaced items could benefit from tracking capabilities such as this?


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App Recognizes Charity Logos for Easy Donating

If you’re passing by a charity you want to support and don’t have any change, you’re in luck – now there’s an app for that. SnapDonate, a free app for Android devices (with an iOS version in the works), makes donating a snap. To use it, simply point your phone at a charity logo. The “magic lens” will recognize the logo and then you can donate the amount of your choice via JustGiving, a fundraising platform.

SnapDonate, a UK-based app, currently recognizes dozens of logos and can send donations to 13,000 UK charities. When you send a donation via the app, there are no charges or fees, no ads are shown, and your payment information is not stored in the app. There is a donation minimum of £2.


Although SnapDonate does not charge a fee, JustGiving deducts its standard handling fee. However, by using Gift Aid, JustGiving is able to recoup the fee and then some, adding on to the total donation. So if you make a £10 donation, for instance, the charity receives £11.74 in aid. It’s a win-win for everyone, and you didn’t need to go digging through your pockets for extra change.

SnapDonate and JustGiving are both non-profit entities designed to make it easier to donate to charity. In today’s low-cash society, charities miss out on a lot of impulse giving, and SnapDonate is designed to combat this problem and make it easy to give “on the go.”


When you give using the SnapDonate app, your payment information stays secure with JustGiving, which has world-class security standards. No personal data is kept within the SnapDonate app itself.

If you snap a charity logo that is not yet included in the logo recognition system, you can still search the app and find about 13,000 UK charities listed. Logos are continually being added. Although the app is based in the UK, you can make donations from anywhere in the world. If you donate to an international charity, the funds will go to its UK operation.

You can get to giving and download SnapDonate in the Google Play store. An iOS version is coming soon.


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Agency Mocks Real-Time Marketing With Hilarious ‘Reactvertising’ Video


From the crazy folks at Toronto-based john st. — the ones who brought us Catvertising and Exfeariential — comes Reactvertising, a whole new kind of real-time marketing.

The video is a hilarious send up of the industry’s obsession with real-time marketing.

“It’s not about being funny or smart. It’s about being fast.”

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Adjustable standing desk is made out of cardboard

This is part of a series of articles that looks at entrepreneurs hoping to get their ideas off the ground through crowdfunding. At the time of writing, each of these innovations is currently seeking funding.

Recent research indicates that humans are not designed to sit cramped behind a desk for hours on end. It’s seen as a new threat to our health and experts are now extoling the virtues of working wile standing up. The problem is that those looking to get in on this new health trend don’t have a lot of affordable options. Ikea recently released its own standing desk at the hefty pricetag of USD 489. Currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, Refold is a portable and sturdy standing desk made of cardboard that’s relatively affordable and good for the environment.

Refold comes in three sizes — small, medium and large — with an average weight of just 6.5 kg, making it easy to travel with. Each desk is capable of being assembled as a standard sitting desk in around 2 minutes, and reassembled as a standing desk whenever users feel the need to stand. Once set up, they’re sturdy enough to take the weight of a person, and can be packed away easily. The desks are made in New Zealand and the US, and are 100 percent recyclable.

Watch the video below to see the desk in action:

The desk is available from NZD 145, so it’s still not cheap. However, the extra cash could make all the difference to schools, offices, creative studios and temporary spaces that want to keep their staff and customers healthy. The Kickstarter campaign runs until 10 November. Are there other ways to make cheap and practical objects out of cardboard to cut costs?


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This Outfit Designed to Help Change Clothes in Public Is at 2,000% of Its Kickstarter Goal

With a tagline like “Change clothes in public without ever getting naked,” The Undress has a pretty clear sales proposition, and people are lining up in droves to hand the apparel startup their money.

The “mobile changing room” had a Kickstarter goal of $22,000, but when the campaign ends tomorrow, the final tally will be closer to half a million dollars.

The problem The Undress is designed to solve—working out and attempting to change into normal clothes without treating your car or gas station restroom as a fitting room. The solution—a dress that you wear that allows you to change without having to do that weird “how many seconds do I have to put my underwear on before someone walks in on me” dance. You’ll have to watch the video for the demonstration, but it’s an ingenious idea. 

At first glance, I wonder how big the market is for people who want to change into clothes without showering after a workout, but $468,000 raised probably answers that question for me. 


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