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Rethinking Office Space with Unconventional Work Environment Exhibition

From the conventional office to the cubicle to the open bench-style workspace, the modern office may have seen a lot of reimaginings, but few of them actually address the furniture itself, which is often jury-rigged into awkward combinations and improperly combined. The Japanese design company Nendo, which tackles practically every type of design from furniture to interiors to graphic design and installations, used the Orgatec Modern Working Environments exhibit in Cologne (Oct. 25-29 of this year) to debut several new office furniture designs, including tables and shelves in shapes you’ve never seen before. The designs in “shelf + desk + chair = office,” with their black matte finish, were meant to showcase Kokuyo‘s newest chair, the Inspine, but ended up taking on a life of their own.



“Removing some of the shelves turns part of the shelving unit into a desk,” says Nendo, exploring some space-saving possibilities. This object is “Exploring the boundary between horizontal surfaces intended for storage, and those intended for work.”


“Desks and floorspace appear when the shelves are scattered right and left. An experiment in transforming shelving’s vertical levels into office three-dimensionality.”


“Shelves and desks mingle, and space appears inside by cutting out their overlaps. Searching for a new way of gathering together and a new spatial relationship with desks, in which we’re enclosed by our desk, rather than sit facing it.”

“Resting and waiting functions appear when office chairs are partially absorbed into the shelf. A consideration of the boundary between ‘on-‘ (office) and ‘off-duty’ (lobby and amenity) furniture.”


“Some of the shelves become a staircase. Sitting on them transforms them into benches, and when accessed from behind they’re a closed desk. A thought experiment into the relationship between dynamic and static space, and the different functions of front and back.”

To be certain, some of these designs are downright odd, wedging a chair, for instance, into a space where the user seemingly can’t get out. However, the exhibit, rather than offering practical objects, is more of an inspirational collection, encouraging us to think outside the box about how our existing furniture might actually be promoting stress and poor posture, and perhaps not facilitating the type of interactions we would hope for.


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Hootsuite’s Great Halloween Ads Try to Calm Your Fears About Social Media

It’s that time of year again, when we can escape our average selves, don clever costumes and get all hopped up on Fireball shots—I mean, gummy worms. And it’s always pretty fun to see what brands do to celebrate, because when they’re good, they can be really good.

Social media aggregation site Hootsuite has done itself proud with a great series of horror-movie parody posters, produced in-house. Take a look below and see what happens when scary movies are monster-mashed with social-media themes. (And keep a sharp eye, because two of these are actually sneaky GIFs.)

Via Ads of the World.

Instagram/The Blair Witch Project

Twitter/The Birds


Facebook/The Shining

YouTube/The Ring

LinkedIn/American Psycho

Creative Director: Briony Crane
Designer: Jason Esteban
Copywriter: Evan LePage
Photographer: Alastair Bird
Digital Retoucher: Steve Pinter
Hair, Makeup: Jessica Langedyk, Marie-Helene Babin
Art Director: Briony Crane
Social Strategy: Evan LePage, Jamie Stein, Andy Au

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‘Innocent’ Shooting Range Targets a Reminder of Deadly Gun Culture

Gun ownership is an issue that splits people down the middle, but it’s impossible to ignore the facts. 87 American are killed every day by gun violence, while 68% of all murders in the U.S. are committed with a firearm. Shining a light on the real victims of these crimes, creative studio Banana and Associates has created Innocent Targets. Instead of thugs, terrorists, aliens and zombies. these target posters feature friends, neighbors, co-workers and children – the people caught in the middle.


The project was born from the fact there are an estimated 18,000 shooting ranges operating in America today. Many of them sell custom target posters, which can blur the lines between fiction and reality. Innocent Targets website points out that while killing paper aliens might seem fun, there is a more sinister undertone:

The painfully ironic truth is that the real targets of gun violence aren’t these fictional ‘bad guys’ but rather our real-life friends, neighbors, co-workers and children.

Human targets include a woman and her dog, a pizza delivery boy, and even a women in her wedding dress. One of the posters also features a woman facing away from the gunman, which drives home the point that many people don’t even realize they are about to become a victim.


Printed by Generation Press, each of the posters measures 50 x 70cm. They are available to purchase here for €25 + PP;, with proceeds of the sale being donated to The Coalition To Stop Gun Violence.

The posters are also on display between Nov. 16-19 in Studio 2, a brand new gallery and event space in Shoreditch, London that measures over 1500 sq. ft. and offers a blank canvas for all sorts of creative activities.

Innocent Targets

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Santa ‘Sleighs’ Dracula in Betabrand’s Murderous Video Game About Christmas Creep

Betabrand satirizes Christmas creep in its first video game, Santa Sleighs Halloween, as you play as Mr. Claus armed with a blunderbuss and a candy cane shiv. Your mission? To make sure no fall holiday is safe from the encroaching consumerism of the season. Clothing retailer Betabrand created the game “to lampoon the early onset of holiday sales—a retail trend that will surely morph Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas into a three-headed shopping Cerberus.”

Which it is indeed. All my local stores started putting out their Christmas crud weeks ago. It does seem that no matter how many times consumers complain about holiday creep, stores just can’t help themselves.

At least Betabrand knows what’s up. They hired digital agency Bradley and Montgomery to create the game, in which Kris Kringle kills mummies, werewolves, witches, zombies, vampires and Frankenstein in an unholy quest to become the one true holiday.

And it’s more than just a game. When you play, you can unlock deal codes and humorous specials. So, if you want some sweet swag from Betabrand, be prepared to plunge your candy cane stake right into Dracula’s heart.

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What Makes a Great Creative Director? Here’s How 10 of Them Answered That Question

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