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Internet Hero Hunts Down All 74 Stickers From Apple’s New Ad

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Indian Women Speak Out Against Rape Through Illustration

A sixteen-year-old American girl made headlines this week when she began speaking out against her recent rape, but in many other countries, women aren’t allowed to talk about things like rape. In 2012, for example, a 23-year-old woman was gang raped and beaten by six men while traveling on a bus. Her injuries were so bad that she died a few days later while undergoing treatment. The case sparked worldwide media coverage and protests all over India, also resulting in many new laws passed that were designed to help and protect women. It also inspired the “Fearless” collection.

“Fearless” is an illustrated series initially started by Shilo Shiv Suleman that allows women to express issues of rape and misogyny. Suleman created the first poster and many Indian artists have created the subsequent ones. In the series, empowering images of women are depicted, often with strong slogans, like ‘I am Shakti,’ the Hindu goddess. Suleman says the collection was started to encourage the global community to speak out and make the world a safer place for women.


Recently, Suleman teamed up with the Kitsch Mandi neighborhood art festival to post 200 “Fearless” posters all over Bangalore, but hopefully the movement will continue to spread. The poster collective offers a unique way for women in patriarchal societies to have a means to express their feelings on rape culture. “Fearless” posters affirm fearless femininity and demand that women be able to go out at night, take public transportation, and wear what they want without fear of rape, a freedom every person everywhere should be rendered.

To see more “Fearless” images, visit Suleman’s Facebook page here.


[h/t] Design TAXI

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Paris Hilton is Back in New Carl’s Jr. Ad!


Can you believe it’s been 9 years since Paris Hilton washed that Bentley while eating a Carl’s Jr. BBQ Burger? Well, she’s back.

Hilton, 33, makes a cameo appearance in an ad featuring Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson. As the black bikini-clad Ferguson washes a pickup truck — seductively slathering soap all over herself just like Hilton did in the original — Paris appears and says, “You missed a spot.” So awesome.

It’s all to promote the chain’s new Texas BBQ Thickburger. But who cares about that. Not only do we have one hot chick selling us a hamburger; we have two!

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Bugaboo Donkey Stroller: Making Life With Twins Easier?

I saw a tagline on Bugaboo’s website—a Dutch company specializing in strollers—stating, “Going out with twins has never been easier—or as comfortable!” Oh, yeah? I have twins. Nothing about going out with them is easy. And if anyone is going to be comfortable while we are out, I want it to be me. But, I am always willing to take suggestions on making my life easier, so I kept most of my snarky comments to myself and read more about the Bugaboo Donkey Twin stroller. It’s pretty sweet.

If you don’t have twins, please keep reading. In three quick clicks, this stroller can be used as a mono stroller or as a double stroller. And because it’s so versatile, it can accommodate your non-twin family by holding a newborn next to your toddler. This stroller grows as your family grows.

I’m actually a bit dizzy from all of the features of this stroller, so let’s start with the base. The Bugaboo Donkey is made from aluminum and plastic, has large multi-terrain wheels that swivel or can be locked into place, and is narrow enough to fit through doors and hallways. It’s lightweight, easy to push, and has an adjustable handlebar that fits parents of different heights.

And then you add stuff to the base, most of which comes with the purchase of the stroller. When you are ready to take your babies out into the world for the first time, they will enjoy the bassinets that snap in and out of the bassinet frame which snaps in and out of the stroller base.

Bassinets that snap in and out of a stroller are good for two reasons: babies not old enough to be strapped into regular strollers can still get out of the house—which is more important for parents than newborns—and when babies fall asleep in the bassinet, parents can transport their sleeping angels into the house without fear of waking them. This is also important for parents. And their sanity.

Or if you are in and out of the car running errands, the base can also accommodate cars seats with an add-on purchase of a car seat adapter. No need to take your twins out of their car seats, which probably took 20 minutes to get them into.

When your children get a bit older, you can have them ride in the reclinable fabric seats that snap onto the base. The seats can face forward, backward, or each other. And when you are done using the stroller you can fold it up into a compact standing position. Or you can fold it and take it apart for a more compact stroller which is great if you are taking your Bugaboo Donkey on a road trip and need more trunk space.

Both the bassinets and seats can be covered with extendable sun canopies and rain covers; both are included in the price of the Donkey stroller. Also included are bottom and side storage baskets. And if want to try to eliminate people asking you if your twins are boys or girls, you can choose pink or blue canopies, or one of each. But don’t count on people not asking you a million other questions. I have learned that going out with twins is like parading around town with underwear on your head. People stare. People want the details.

Like all baby gear, some sweating and swearing may be involved before you get the hang of how to take advantage of all this stroller can do. But it seems pretty straight forward. Bugaboo has made several demo videos for those of you who are visual learners.

I emphasize all that is included with the Bugaboo Donkey Twin stroller because it’s not cheap. However, with the purchase of this stroller, you will only need to buy one stroller for the many stages of your child’s strolling days. Short of giving birth to your twins and then raising them until they are 37 pounds, the weight limit on each Donkey seat, Bugaboo’s stroller seems to do it all from the moment you bring your babies home from the hospital. So, the cost is totally worth it. Especially if it also makes going out with twins “easier.”

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Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs): What You Should Know About The Newest Doctor Visit


Shared Medical Appointment at Borgess Medical Center: image via borgess.comShared Medical Appointment at Borgess Medical Center: image via borgess.comIf the next time you call your doctor’s office you are asked if you would be interested in a ‘shared medical appointment,’ or SMA, you don’t need to freak out.  You may even want to consider attending an SMA once before you decide it’s not for you.  I’ll explain the rational for SMAs, what they offer, and how patients have responded to this relatively new medical practice….



Rationale For SMAs

If you’ve had a doctor’s visit recently, you may have noticed that your appointment had to be booked way in advance, unless it was an emergency, in which case you were probably sent to an urgent care center, and that your eventual doctor’s visit was short – shorter than the last time you visited.  Because health care costs are climbing at a rate at least three times faster than the economy is growing, the medical community has to find ways to cut some corners.


How Are SMAs Structured?

SMAs are cost cutting, no doubt about it.  But they may actually improve your care. 

Here’s what most SMAs are like:

  • An SMA usually consists of patients with similar medical issues, for example, diabetes.
  • The group usually consists of 8 to 15 patients.
  • SMA sessions are usually 90 minutes long.
  • Patients have access to a doctor, nurse, and/or physicians assistants, depending on their individual needs.
  • SMAs have short talks and group discussions about specific medical issues where patients may contribute and ask questions.
  • Patients have individual meetings with medical professionals during the SMA and, if required, will have a private examination in a room separate from the other patients.

SMAs got their start several years ago, but are now attracting the attention of some of the most well-known medical facilities in the country, such as the Cleveland Clinic and Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. 


Shared Medical Appointment at North Shore Medical Center: image via scripps.orgShared Medical Appointment at North Shore Medical Center: image via


How Do Patients Respond To SMA Visits?

The Veterans Association is even experimenting with SMAs and is having success according to patients who’ve attended the SMAs.  In a study of patient satisfaction, published in the July/August 2014 issue of The Annals of Family Medicine, it was found that attendees of SMAs were more likely to rate their overall satisfaction with their physician visits as ‘very good’ than their cohorts who met with their doctors in the traditional manner.

This satisfaction survey repeats the findings of other surveys in which SMA participants…

  • Were more satisfied with their care than traditional patients;
  • Learned more about their health conditions than traditional patients;
  • Appreciated the questions and concerns expressed by other patients, particularly if those issued had not occurred to them personally; and
  • Had greater access to their doctors than if they had scheduled a private appointment.

So far, then, the patient experience with the SMA seems to have been quite positive. It is true, from anecdotal reports, that one’s total privacy is lost, as other members of the group know why you are there – for example, that you have diabetes, or heart disease, like them – but all group members must sign statements that they will keep information about other members confidential.

Aside from that, I should let you know that, so far, in medical practices where SMA is offered, it is an option.


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