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Wanna Make Your Own iPhone 5 Case? CAD and STL Files Available


This morning we passed the mob scene at the Apple Store SoHo, where hundreds are already queued up to buy the iPhone 5. Chances are none of them yet have a MakerBot Replicator 2, but for those of you with other 3D printers who plan on making your own case for the 5, the blueprints are now available online.

To download the large version of the 2D CAD file you see above, click here.

MakerBot user Hisashikun can get you a step further, as he’s already taken the time to input the dimensions into an STL file and uploaded it to Thingiverse. Print out your own iPhone 5 dummy, which you could then use, for example, as a plug to make a leather case around.


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