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An Uber for haircuts

Consumers are always wanting products and services some-more fast and easily. The recognition of services such as Uber, and a mixed on-demand businesses it’s desirous is covenant to that. The hairdressing attention is no different, and aiming to reinstate appointment watchful lists and trips to a barber, Shortcut is an on-demand bathing use that comes to business wherever they are.

Users simply yield their name, series and e-mail residence and name a use they need — either it’s a trim, a full haircut or a shave. After engagement a time slot, a use afterwards sends a professionally lerned coiffeur or stylist to their home, bureau or hotel room. Users can book an appointment for adult to 4 people during a time, and a some-more in their group, a cheaper any haircut becomes. Price start during USD 75.

Shortcut is now accessible in New York, as an iOS app. On-demand services such as these are apropos some-more and some-more popular, and it’s easy to see how a use is profitable for those who can’t find a time to get to a hairdressers after work or during a weekends. Are there other use that could offer this kind of on-demand availability?


- intro could be something about it being tough to fit in time for a haircut, and creation an appointment can be wily since everybody wants to go during a same time, with a couple to a bureau manicures story next (oeps..)

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