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A Tribute (and Farewell?) to Gertie a Dinosaur: Part One

Dinosaur Gertie’s Ice Cream of Extinction food and libation plcae during Disney Hollywood Studios (DHS) in a Echo Lake area was built as a reverence to Gertie a Dinosaur, a unequivocally initial charcterised animation star, as good as a initial one who tangible impression (or personality) animation.


Once Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat has been entirely removed, one of a subsequent equipment now on a list for drop is reportedly bad Gertie herself, so we suspicion we should all take another demeanour during who Gertie was and because she was during a park.

There is a engorgement of misinformation out there that needs improvement about Gertie, generally when writers try to explain because she sits blissfully in Echo Lake during DHS and was so prominently featured in early broadside about a “movie park.”

Gertie distinguished her 100th birthday final year and no one, including Disney, unequivocally seemed to take most notice but, yet, but her and her loveable charcterised antics, animation competence have remained a elementary “trick film” newness and eventually faded divided like other film novelties.

A pantheon of mythological names that paint early animation, including Paul Terry, Max and Dave Fleischer, Pat Sullivan, Otto Messmer, Richard Huemer, Shamus Culhane, I. Klein, and Walter Lantz, among many others, have publicly certified many times over a years that saying cartoonist Winsor McCay and his vaudeville act with a charcterised film of his witty “Diplodocus” dinosaur was what desirous them to get into a animation business.

In Nov 1914, McCay, in and with

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